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Woman in a Man’s Suit
the 2005 release from Georgie Jessup

Click to purchase or Visit The Sound Garden at 1616 Thames Street, Fells Point, Baltimore, MD 21231------410-563-9011, WWW.CDJOINT.COM

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Almost Myself --------Stories of Gender Blending and Mending. Documentary with Georgie Jessup and many more...

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FretWell Flutes (the BEST)


Lisa Harvey, Georgie Jessup, Dirk (the Thug of Love)Hamilton at May Day Picnic
dirk hamilton and georgie jessup


"Every once in a while a performer comes along. Whose verypresence makes the establishment nervous! Every once in a while a singer will ask us to define what freedom really is? At some point there will come a songwriter who bridges the gap between tradition and expanding our minds. An artist who will take us on a journey to places found at the edge of night and bring us to the dawning between the light and the darkness and finally to the balance with in us all!" Jackie Wolfshield

URGENT: These dogs are in need of your help!! Blindogs Adoption

ALERT: Iindigenous People about Paul Modde a.k.a. Kia'i


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Check out this GREAT book "Potawatomi Tracks: The Ballad of Vietnam and Other Stories." is a 152 page poetic chronicle of my combat tour of duty in Vietnam and the years I struggled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I wished I knew more about PTSD when I first came back from Vietnam, maybe a lot of those years wouldn't have been lost in drugs and alcohol.CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE
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Flyers to post, Quote Sheets, 8x10 glossy shots and more to come. Available in single downloads, PDF and Zip files

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