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American Indian Exposition
Cherokee of Georgia Annual Spring Powwow
Council Tree Powwow
Denver March Powwow
Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial
Gathering of Nations Powwow
Great Lakes Powwows - Native American Celebrations of the Northeast
Illinois Powwow Schedule
International Aboriginal Festival
Long Valley Ceremonial Grounds
Mahkato Wacipi
Native America Online
Native Powwows and Events in North America
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North American Iroquois Veterans Powwow
Northern Colorado Intertribal Pow-Wow Association
Omaha Indian Music
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Powwow Calendar
Four Winds Trading Co.
Pow-wow Connection
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The Powwow Trail
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Stanford Annual May Powwow Strawberry Music Festival of Native Music and Dance
Toshavik's Pow-wow Page
United Tribes International Powwow
University of St. Thomas Annual Powwow
Virginia State Powwow Calendar
Wacipi Powwow
World Peace and Prayer Day
Arvol Looking Horse

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Allies: Media/Art
AlterNative Design - AND
American Native Arts and Antiques
ARCNet - The Aboriginal Resource Centre
Beyond the Mountains
Bien Mur Indian Market Center
Black Mesa Weavers for Life and Land
Chukchi Sea Trading Company
Council Lodge Institute, Inc.
Daybreak Farming and Food Project
DCI America
Earth Circles, Inc.
Falmouth Institute
Fancy Dancer Leather Designs
First Americans Mortgage Company
Four Winds Trading Company
Full Moon Creations
The Great Peace CD-ROM
Indian Gaming News
Inn of the Mountain Gods
Intertribal Sportswear
I'tchik Herbal Tea
Kegedonce Press
Lakota Visions Jewelry
The Little Bull
Lone Deer - Sonagolese Designs
Maka Suta Creations
Matoska Trading Company
Migrations - Native American Arts and Crafts
National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development - NCAIED
Native American Business Alliance
Native American Business Connection
Native American Catalog
Native American Gifts
Native American Kenpo Council
Native American Technologies, Inc. (NATEC)
Native American Artwork from the Pacific NorthwestAdded 11/9/01

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Native Hands Gallery
Native Heritage Software
Native Investment Trade Association - NITA
Native Shop
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Navajo Arts and Crafts Enterprise
Noc Bay
North American Native Authors Catalog
Ojibwe Dreamcatchers
Oklahoma Native American Business Development Center
One Feather Books
Orr's Trading Company
Oyate Consultants
Quinault Pride Seafood
Red Eagle Gallery
Rez Dog Clothing Co.
Sa-Cinn Native Enterprises Limited
Seminole Patchwork Clothing Native American Gifts
Silver Hawk Wampum Works
Southwest Arts Crafts
Spirit of Aboriginal Enterprise
Steve Eagles Inc.
Supernaw's Oklahoma Indian Supply
3Eagles Trading Company
Tachini Drums
Tammy Beauvais Design
Twin Territories Publishing and Fine Art Company
VIP (Various Indian Peoples) Publishing, Inc.
The Wandering Bull, Inc.
White Bison, Inc.
White Eagle Crafts
Whitebird Indian Jewelry
Harry R. Whitehorse
Wild Wind Creations
WithOut Rez Productions
Wolf Spirit Studio
WoodenKnife Company Indian Fry Bread Mix
Aboriginal Languages
Woodland Cultural Centre
'Aha Punana Leo
Alaska Native Language Center
Alaskool - Alaska Native Languages
American Indian Languages of Western Oregon
American Language Reprint Series
searchable language database
Apache Language Course
Apachean Languages and Verbal Art
Myths of the Jicarilla Apaches
Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America
Arctic Languages : An Awakening
California Athapaskan [Languages] Home Page
Cayuga Language
Six Nations Polytechnic
Cherokee Font
Cherokee Language Tapes, Videos, etc.
Cherokee Script Projects
Cheyenne Language Materials
Cheyenne Language Web Site
Chickasaw Language Materials
Chinook Jargon
Chippewa Language
Choctaw Language Materials
Coeur d'Alene Dictionary (Klallam language)
Comanche Language and Cultural Preservation Committee
Cree Online Language Class
Manitoba Association for Native Languages, Inc. (MANL)
Creek Language Archive
Dakota Language Lessons
Ethnologue - Languages of the Americas
Finding our Talk - A Journey Through Aboriginal Languages
(Hawaiian) Kualono
Hawaiian Language Materials
Hochunk - The Encyclopaedia of Hotcak (Winnebago) Mythology
Hupa Language Page
Indigenous Bilingual Education Links
Indigenous Bilingual Education Special Interest Group
Indigenous Language Institute
Intertribal Wordpath Society
Inuktitut - The Language of the Inuit People
Inuktitut Language Materials
Ioway-Otoe-Missouria Language Publications
Iroquois Language Songs
Iroquois Languages - Ohwejagehka: Ha`degaenage:
John Koontz' Home Page
Kanienkehaka Language Homepage
Kiowa Language Materials
Klallam Language
Lakhota Online Dictionary Audio
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe
Lakota Language and Culture from Elkdreamer - David Little Elk
Lakota Language Materials
Lakota Language Revitalization Project
Lenape Language Materials
Living Languages of the Americas
Maliseet-Passamaquoddy Dictionary
Manitoba Association for Native Languages, Inc. Mayan Language
Mexico Language Page
Mohawk Language Learning Materials
Mohawk Language Materials
Nahuatl Home Page
Native American Language Center
Native Languages of the Americas
Native North American Languages
Navajo Language Materials
Navajo Language Resource Centre
Northwest Coast Linguistics, Anthropology, and Archaeology - A Bibbliography
Ohwejagehka: Hadegaenage:
Ojibwe Language Materials
Omaha - Ponca
Passamaquoddy Language Materials
Potawatomi Web
Project for the Documentation of the Languages of Mesoamerica - PDLMA
Quechua Language Home Page
Resources and Colleges for Learning Native Languages
Endangered Language Fund
Resources for Endangered Languages
Reversing Language Shift: Can Kwakw'ala Be Revived?
Salish Language Materials
Schoenhof's Foreign Books
The Sociolinguistics of the "S- word" : Squaw in American Placenames
SSILA - Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas
Summer Institute of Linguistics in Mexico
Taino - Dictionary of the Spoken Taino Language
Teaching Indigenous Languages
Turkish Language and the Native Americans
Vernacular Language Program
Yinka Dene Language Institute
Yukon Native Language Centre

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